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Climate Change in the Serengeti: Implications for Human Welfare


Series:CEPA Climate Change Workshop
Speaker:Mark Ritchie, SU Department of Biology
Location:Eggers 400
Date:Mon, Apr 25, 2005
Time:11:30 AM

Additional Information

Professor Ritchie will be discussing how expected climate changes in East Africa will affect terrestrial ecosystems and human livelihoods in the Serengeti region of Tanzania.

Professor Mark Ritchie teaches environmental science and biodiversity classes through the Biology department. Recent publications include ". "Competition and coexistence in mobile animals" as part of the book Competition and Coexistence (Springer Press 2002), "Global determinants of diversity in large herbivores." (Nature 2002), Fragmented nature: consequences for biodiversity (Landscape and Urban Planning, 2002.)

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Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
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