Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

An Evening of Stories and Music for Sustainability


Series:Re-Enchanting Humanity: Stories for a Sustainable Future
Location:Maxwell Auditorium
Date:Thu, Nov 29, 2012
Time: 7:00 PM

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Panel discussion and cultural program to share emerging narratives. Open reception preceding the event (beginning at 6:00 pm) will allow the public and university community to gather with presenters and participants. Opening remarks by Ralph Singh, and by sociology professor Marjorie DeVault on the role of narrative in social change. Panelists include Rabbi Brad Hirschfield (Co-President of CLAL), Dr. Naresh Singh (former UN Advisor for Poverty and Sustainable Livelihoods), Nick Stuart (President and CEO of Odyssey Networks). Stories presented by Francis Parks, storytelling matriarch and founder of Sojourner Story Festival. Music offered by jazz clarinetist David Rothenberg, with world-renowned sound designer Doug Quin.

This discussion is part of a broader initiative that will bring nearly 50 visionary leaders representing diverse ideologies and disciplines together at Syracuse University to engage in a dialog, telling the stories of our civilization and searching for a shared narrative to promote sustainability and move us beyond conflict. Through a process used widely in community and peace-building work, participants will share openly and listen deeply, transcending individual positions to develop a new narrative for the future of humanity and the planet. This dialog will be organized around four topic areas: Environment, Economy, Democracy, and Being. Artists will join participants to create stories that can engender a more compassionate, inclusive, civil society—one that can support a sustainable future.

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