Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Building the Story for a Sustainable Future


Series:Re-Enchanting Humanity: Stories for a Sustainable Future
Location:Global Collaboratory: Eggers 060
Date:Fri, Nov 30, 2012
Time:10:40 AM

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Discussion of emerging narratives assisted by visual facilitator Julie Stuart. Audience contributions will be welcome as the group identifies opportunities for change and begins to frame a call to action.

This discussion is part of a broader initiative that will bring nearly 50 visionary leaders representing diverse ideologies and disciplines together at Syracuse University to engage in a dialog, telling the stories of our civilization and searching for a shared narrative to promote sustainability and move us beyond conflict. Through a process used widely in community and peace-building work, participants will share openly and listen deeply, transcending individual positions to develop a new narrative for the future of humanity and the planet. This dialog will be organized around four topic areas: Environment, Economy, Democracy, and Being. Artists will join participants to create stories that can engender a more compassionate, inclusive, civil society—one that can support a sustainable future.

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