Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Biomimicry Challenge 2


Location:Syracuse Center of Excellence
Date:Fri, Mar 22, 2013
Time: 4:30 PM

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In 2013, the crucial need to reduce our impact on the environment is undisputed. Heeding the call, BIOMIMICRY is emerging as an exciting method of innovation for creating the buildings, products and processes of the next generation.

An emerging multi-disciplinary field, Biomimicry seeks to solve design problems by drawing from the time-tested strategies of nature. The Biomimicry Challenge, now in its second year, is a gathering of creative and scientific minds looking to develop these new solutions. Hosted by the state-of-the-art Syracuse Center of Excellence and with a growing list of remarkable guests, this ‘challenge’ should not be missed.

Runs March 22-23

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