Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Emissions Trading, Innovation, and Climate Change


Series:CEPA Climate Change Workshop
Speaker:David Driesen, SU College of Law
Location:Eggers 400
Date:Thu, Feb 10, 2005
Time:12:00 PM

Additional Information

Professor Driesen will be discussing the potential negative impacts of emissions trading on innovation, and the
role these impacts might have in the design of trading programs.

Professor David Driesen teaches environmental law (domestic and international) and constitutional law. Recent publications include "The Economic Dynamics of Environmental Law" (MIT Press 2003), What is Free Trade?: The Real Issue Lurking Behind the Trade and Environment Debate (Virginia Journal of International Law 2001), Is Emissions Trading an Economic Incentive Program?: Replacing the Command and Control/Economic Incentive Dichotomy (Washington & Lee Law Review 1998), and The Societal Cost of Environmental Regulation: Beyond Administrative Cost-Benefit Analysis (Ecology Law Quarterly 1997). Professor Driesen came to Syracuse from the Natural Resources Defense Council, a national public interest environmental organization.

For more information about Professor Driesen's research and course offerings, please visit:

Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
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