Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Symposium in Environmental and Energy Systems


Series:Syracuse Center of Excellence
Location:University Sheraton
Date:Mon, Oct 24, 2005
Time: 7:30 AM

Additional Information

The Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems sponsors an annual symposium on topics in energy and the environment. Here's an excerpt from the description of this year's symposium:

The 2005 Syracuse Symposium will focus on dual topics: indoor environment and human health, and indoor environment and human performance. Presentations will also cover recent research, and development of new technologies and design techniques to improve indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency, achieving gains in occupants' health, comfort, and productivity. Physicians, engineers, scientists, health professionals, entrepreneurs, and others will present their latest accomplishments, discuss current activities, and explore future opportunities for synergies for research, technology transfer, and product development.

The symposium will continue on the 25th. For more information, see the 2005 Symposium web site.

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