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Series:Hurricane Katrina Panel Discussion
Location:Maxwell Auditorium
Date:Wed, Nov 30, 2005
Time: 6:00 PM

Additional Information

A group of students in the MPA program have organized a series of panel discussions on the public policy implications of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The second panel will be on November 30th. Here's the announcement:

This panel discussion features two faculty members in Public Administration - Professor Mary Tschirhart and Professor Arthur Brooks - as well as Tom Slater, Executive Director of the Food Bank of Central New York.

This is the second panel discussion exploring the Public Administration aspects of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. This important event presents the opportunity for the campus community to come together and discuss the challenges that continue to plague the victims of Katrina.

During the event we will begin a three-day donation drive to raise money for Book Relief - Hurricane Katrina & Rita, sponsored by First Book. The goal of Book Relief is to distribute at least five million books to those displaced by the hurricanes to organizations, schools, and libraries supporting the evacuees, and to replenish the schools and libraries being rebuilt in the Gulf Coast. Every $0.50 donated sponsors the delivery of one book to those affected by the hurricanes. More information on the campaign can be found:

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