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Double Exposure: Global Environmental Change in an Era of Globalization


Series:Geography Colloquium
Speaker:Karen O'Brien, University of Oslo
Location:018 Eggers
Date:Fri, Mar 3, 2006
Time: 3:00 PM

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Global environmental change is occurring within the context of globalization-related economic, political and cultural changes. While much research attention has been directed to analysis of the separate impacts of these two global processes, relatively few studies have examined the combined effects of both processes together. In this talk I present a double exposure framework for analyzing how global environmental change and globalization interact to create synergisms and contradictions that provide both new opportunities and new challenges for human security. Although globalization is associated with rapid economic development and improved quality of life, at the same time it perpetuating inequalities and compounding vulnerabilities to environmental change. Within the framework, there are three pathways of double exposure, including overlapping outcomes, changes in the contextual environment, and feedbacks between the two processes of change. We illustrate the three pathways of double exposure through examination of different situations where both global environmental change and globalization overlap and interact. I conclude by considering the implications of double exposure for questions of equity, sustainability and human security.

About Karen O'Brien

Karen O'Brien is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research at the University of Oslo. Her research interests include: Human dimensions of global environmental change; climate vulnerability and adaptation; winners and losers under global change; user responses to seasonal forecasts; globalization and climate change. More information is available from her web page.

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