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Asthma, Allergies, and the Home Environment


Series:Built Environmental Systems Seminar
Speaker:Jan Sundell, Technical University of Denmark
Location:Comstock Room, Syracuse Sheraton
Date:Thu, Sep 21, 2006
Time:10:00 AM

Additional Information

Based on scientific state-of-the art reviews on e.g. asthma and allergies and potential causative exposures, two studies have been conducted in Sweden (DBH, Damp Buildings and Health), and Bulgaria (ALLHOME, ALLergies and the HOME environment). In total, data on more than 15000 children, their health status, home environment, breastfeeding, food, pets, ETS etc have been collected. In Case-Control studies of very sick children, and healthy children data has been collected from inspections and measurements in the homes as well as from clinical investigations. Analyses are ongoing. A family history of allergy is important as a risk factor, as is pet exposure, and ETS exposure. New findings are that a low ventilation rate and exposure to PVC are strong risk factors. These results and many others will be discussed.

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