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GreenPrint for Success

This “how-to” guide walks the reader through the nuts and bolts of creating, implementing, and evaluating a green jobs program. It is based on real world experience from over 30 organizations involved in green jobs programs. Using interviews from grantors, consultants, program staff, educators, labor unions, and government employees, it highlights best practices, creative solutions, and common pitfalls.

While this guide is geared for nonprofits and local governments, it can be used by anyone in any sector to fine-tune an existing program or guide the reader through the process of developing a new one.

GreenPrint for Success
Read the full report here.
Budget Template
Excel template for generating multi-year projections for a green jobs training program. To use this budget template please follow the directions in the Start Up Page.
Contact List
Brief directory of contact information for people and organizations referenced in the report.
Green Jobs Grants and Grant-Making Foundations
Guide containing useful examples of government‐funded grant programs from state and federal agencies, as well as examples of private and nonprofit grant-making foundations.
The GreenPrint Resource Guide
Brochure with links to websites, blogs, books, guides, and organizations relating to green jobs programs in Central New York and across the country. Use this guide to find information and contacts to jumpstart your green jobs training program.
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