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STEP Mailing List

STEP members are welcome to join the STEP discussion list. The list is an unmoderated forum and anyone subscribing to the list may post messages. Here's more information:
  • Subscribing
  • To subscribe to STEP, send an email message to containing the following line, where your_name_here is your name, not your email address. The server will figure out your email address from the return address on your message. Please note that line goes in the body of the email message, not the subject line: leave the subject line blank.

    subscribe step your _name_here


    subscribe step John Muir

    When the server receives your message, it will send back a confirmation message with instructions on how to confirm your subscription. All you need to do is to click on a link. The confirmation step is necessary to keep evil doers from subscribing other people to lists they don't want to join.
  • Posting to the List
  • To send a message to everyone on the list, just send it to "". Note that only subscribers are allowed to post messages to the list. That means that you'll only be able to submit messages from the email address you used when you subscribed.

    Please note that as an anti-virus measure the list does not allow attachments.
  • Unsubscribing
  • To unsubscribe, use the web interface or send an email to containing the following line:

    unsubscribe step

    Please note that unsubscribe messages must be sent from the account you used to subscribe.

  • Managing Your Subscription via the Web
  • The list has a lot of features you can adjust to your preferences. The best way to change them is via the listserv web interface. See the "Subscriber's Corner" link in particular.

  • Who to Contact About Problems
  • If you have problems subscribing to the list, posting messages, or unsubscribing, send a message explaining the problem to (please note the "-request" part of the address). Your message will be sent to the list owner, who will help you resolve the problem. Please note that the list owner does NOT moderate the list and has no control over the content of messages posted by subscribers.

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