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If you need to be reimbursed for any CEPA-related expenses, please provide the information below to Marlene. For simple expenses, you can fit everything on a single sheet: just write the answers to items 2-4 right on the sheet to which you taped the receipt (no need to type them). Marlene will transfer the information to the appropriate form, have you sign it, and then send the whole package to Skytop for processing.

1. Dated receipt(s) taped to regular-sized sheet(s) of paper

Receipts should show the items purchased and the date. The receipts should be TAPED (not stapled) to an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper. They need to be taped rather than stapled in order to go through copiers without causing jams. It's OK to tape multiple receipts to a single sheet of paper as long as they don't overlap.

2. Name of person requesting reimbursement

For faculty, staff and students employed by CEPA, your name is enough: your SUID and other information is already on file. Everyone else should provide their social security number and, if applicable, their SUID.

3. The CEPA program to be charged

This will vary depending on the circumstances. If the expenses are related to a grant, indicate which grant. You don't need to give the full title -- just enough to make it unambiguous. If the expenses are to be charged to your personal research budget at CEPA, just write "personal research budget". If the expenses are associated with STEP, write "step". If they are for meals or refreshments under the "food for thought" program, just write "food for thought".

4. Purpose of the expenses

A short statement giving the reason for the expense.  For minor items, it need not even be a complete sentence: "office supplies", "network cable for notebook computer", "donuts for project meeting", etc.  The one exception is meals involving three or more students.  In that case, the names of the students who attended should be included.  
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