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Abstracts or complete documents are available online for many of the papers or books written by members of CEPA. The list below shows all publications in reverse chronological order; to see items by a particular CEPA member, please refer to the individual's page in the People section; to see items on a particular subject, please refer to the relevant entry in the Research listing.

DateTitle and Author(s)
2011Circuits of capital, Matthew Huber
2011Human ecology and energy., Matthew Huber
2011Labor, nature and the politics of metabolism at the Bingham Canyon copper mine., Matthew Huber with Jody Emel
201050 Years of NASA Administrators, W. Henry Lambright
2010Big Science in Space, W. Henry Lambright
2010Chapter 10: Public Opinion: A Cross-National View. , Steven R. Brechin
2010Chapter 38. Contested Ground in Nature Protection: Current challenges and opportunities in community-based natural resources and protected area management., Steven R. Brechin with G. Murray, C. Benjamin
2010Conceptual and Practical Issues in Defining Conservation Success: The Political, Social, and Ecological in an Organized World, Steven R. Brechin with G. Murray and K.A. Mogulgaard
2010Environmental Concerns, Values, and Meanings in the Beijing and Detroit Metropolitan Areas, Steven R. Brechin with S. Simoes and P. Mohai
2010Evaluating Social Networks in Public Diplomacy, S. Thorson with H. Seo
2010How Local Government Democratization in the Republic of Korea Facilitates the Use of E-Government Applications: Implications for Political Control of Bureaucracy, Stuart Bretschneider with M. Ahn
2010Hyphenated geographies: The deindustrialization of nature-society geography, Matthew Huber
2010Information Disclosure Policy: Does States’ Data Processing Efforts Help More than the Information Disclosure Itself?, David Popp with H. Bae and P. Wilcoxen
2010Late-Pleistocene Slope Evolution using Characteristics of Rock Cities, Western New York, USA., Susan Millar
2010NASA at 50 and Beyond, W. Henry Lambright
2010Science and Technology Policy, W. Henry Lambright with Tamara Hafner
2010Seeking Refuge: Birds and Landscapes of the Pacific Flyway., Robert M. Wilson
2010Technology and Public Management Information Systems: Where we have been and where we are going. , Stuart Bretschneider with I. Mergel
2010The Legacy of Minnowbrook, W. Henry Lambright with S. Kim, R. O’Leary, D. Von Slyke, G. Frederickson
2010/10Parallel Play, not Collaboration: Missing Questions, Missing Connections, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2010/07Energy and Electricity in Industrial Nations: Parsing Growing Consumption into Population and Non-population Components, Allan Mazur
2010/07Energy Consumption, Electricity, and Lifestyle in Industrial Nations, Allan Mazur
2009Agenda Setting and Climate Change, Sarah Pralle
2009Assessing the Limits of Neoliberal Environmental Governance in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2009Biosociology, Allan Mazur
2009Birds on the Home Front: Wildlife Conservation in the Western United States During World War II, Robert M. Wilson
2009Birds on the Home Front: Wildlife Conservation in the Western United States During World War II, Wilson, Robert
2009Cap and Trade Climate Policy and US Economic Adjustments, Peter Wilcoxen with Dale Jorgenson, Richard Goettle and Mun Sing Ho
2009Climate Change, Sarah Pralle
2009Communities and Natural Resource Conflicts in Africa: Reflections on Conflict Management Options for Peace-building in Darfur, A. Peter Castro
2009Corporate Contributions to Transnational Conservation NGOs: Private International Transfers or Transactions?, Steven R. Brechin
2009Do Community Members Share Development Priorities? Results of a Ranking Exercise in East African Rangelands, John McPeak with C. Doss, C.B. Barrett, P. Kristjanson
2009Dominance Hierarchies, Allan Mazur
2009Empirical Forecasting of Slow-Onset Disasters for Improved Emergency Response: an application to Kenya’s arid north., John McPeak with A. Mude, C. B. Barrett, R. Kaitho, P. Kristjanson
2009Energizing historical materialism: Fossil fuels, space and the capitalist mode of production., Matthew Huber
2009Environment and Development, Thomas Perreault
2009Environmental Governance, Thomas Perreault with Gavin Bridge
2009Environmental Policy in the Courts., Rosemary O’Leary
2009Expecting the Unexpected: Macroeconomic Volatility and Climate Policy, Peter Wilcoxen with Warwick McKibbin and Adele Morris
2009Fire Impacts on California Riparian Vegetation, Jacob Bendix and C.M. Cowell
2009Fire, Floods and Woody Debris: Interactions Between Biotic and Geomorphic Processes, Jacob Bendix and C.M. Cowell
2009Fixed minerals, scalar politics: The weight of scale in conflicts over ‘the 1872 Mining Act’ in the United States., Matthew Huber with Jody Emel
2009How Bad Can A Crisis Be If It Doesn’t Top the News?, Allan Mazur
2009Identifying Conservation Opportunities among Malinké Bushmeat Hunters of Guinea, West Africa, John McPeak with S. Pailler, J. Wagner, D. Floyd
2009International Public Management Journal, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2009Korea’s Beef Crisis: the Internet and Democracy, Jongwoo Han
2009Methods: Remote Sensing, Jane M. Read with M.J. Torrado
2009North Korea’s Diplomacy to Engage the United States, Jongwoo Han
2009NSF Workshop: Sociological Perspectives on Global Climate Change, Steven R. Brechin
2009Reform, Not Revolution: Pesticides Regulation in Canada, Sarah Pralle
2009Shopping Around: Environmental Organizations and the Search for Policy Venues, Sarah Pralle
2009The Collaborative Public Manager, Rosemary O’Leary co-editor with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2009The Economic and Environmental Effects of Border Tax Adjustments for Climate Policy, Peter Wilcoxen with Warwick J. McKibbin
2009The use of gasoline: Value, oil, and the “American way of life.”, Matthew Huber
2009Uncertainty and Climate Change Policy Design, Peter Wilcoxen with Warwick J. McKibbin
2009Understanding Declining Mobility and Interhousehold Transfers Among East African Pastoralists., John McPeak with M. Huysentruyt, C. B. Barrett
2009When a Career Public Servant Sues the Agency He Loves: Claude Ferguson, the Forest Service, and Off-Road Vehicles in the Hoosier National Forest., Rosemary O’Leary
2009/09Reducing Environmental Risks By Information Disclosure: The Evidence in Residential Lead-Based Paint Disclosure, Hyunhoe Bae
2009/08A Copenhagen Collar: Achieving Comparable Effort Through Carbon Price Agreements, Warwick J. McKibbin, Adele Morris and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2009/07Consequences of Alternative U.S. Cap-and-Trade Policies: Controlling Both Emissions and Costs, Warwick J. McKibbin, Adele Morris and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2009/06Comment in Sociological Perspectives on Global Climate Change, Steven R. Brechin
2009/06Does Regulation Stimulate Productivity? The Effect of Air Quality Policies on the Efficiency of U.S. Power Plants, Rachel Fleishman, Rob Alexander, Stuart Bretschneider, David Popp
2009/06Information Disclosure Policy: Do State Data Processing Efforts Help More than the Information Disclosure Itself?, Hyunhoe Bae, Peter Wilcoxen and David Popp
2009/04Valuing the Urban Stream Attributes Using Conjoint Analysis Method, Hyunhoe Bae
2008(Not) Measuring the Performance of Environmental Conflict Resolution: Lessons from U.S. State Programs, Rosemary O’Leary
2008A risky business: Mining, rent and the neoliberalization of “risk.”, Matthew Huber with Jody Emel
2008An Apollo Project for Climate Change/Energy? History’s Lessons for Future Success., W. Henry Lambright
2008Challenging Stereotypes: The Multiple Dimensions of Poverty in Pastoral Areas of East Africa, John McPeak with Peter Little, Christopher B. Barrett, and Patti Kristjanson
2008Changes in Winter Snowpack and Stream Response in Central New York., Susan Millar
2008China Can Grow and Still Help Prevent the Tragedy of the CO2 Commons, Peter Wilcoxen with Warwick J. McKibbin and Wing Thye Woo
2008Conceptual and Practical Issues in Defining Conservation Success: The Political, Social and Ecological in an Organized World, Steve Brechin, G. Murray, and K.A. Mogulgarrd
2008Custom and contradiction: rural water governance and the politics of usos y costumbres in Bolivia’s irrigators’ movement, Thomas Perreault
2008Endogenizing Technological Change: Matching Empirical Evidence to Modeling Needs, David Popp with William A. Pizer
2008Energy: Domestic, A. Peter Castro
2008Forestry: Eastern Africa, A. Peter Castro
2008From lifeblood to addiction: Oil, space, and the wage-relation in petro-capitalist USA. , Matthew Huber
2008Geographical Perspectives on Latin American Social Movements: a review and critique, Thomas Perreault
2008Government and Science: A Critical, Troubled Relationship and What Can be Done About It, W. Henry Lambright
2008International Technology Transfer for Climate Policy, David Popp
2008Leadership and Change at NASA: Sean O’Keefe as Administrator, W. Henry Lambright
2008Natural Gas, Indigenous Mobilization, and the Bolivian State, Thomas Perreault
2008Ostriches and Change: A Response to Global Warming and Sociology, Steven Brechin
2008Policy vs. Consumer Pressure: Innovation and Diffusion of Alternative Bleaching Technologies in the Pulp Industry, David Popp with Tamara Hafner
2008Popular protest and unpopular policies: state restructuring, resource conflict and social justice in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2008Spatial Characteristics of Trends in New York State Seasonal Snowfall and Variability., Susan Millar with D.A. Call and C.J. Schroer
2008The Environment and Development, John McPeak
2008The Greening of the U.S. Military, Sarah Pralle
2008The spatial pattern of nitrogen cycling in the Adirondack Park, New York, Jane Read with B.E. McNeil, T.J. Sullivan, T.C. McDonnell, I.J. Fernandez and C.T. Driscoll
2008/10Renewable Energy Policies and Technological Innovation: Evidence Based on Patent Counts, David Popp with Nick Johnstone and Ivan Hascic
2008/07The Economic and Environmental Effects of Border Tax Adjustments for Climate Policy, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2008/06Building on Kyoto: Towards a Realistic Global Climate Agreement, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2008/05American Generation of Environmental Warnings: Avian Influenza and Global Warming, Allan Mazur
2007A Credible Foundation for Long Term International Cooperation on Climate Change, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2007A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Conflicts in Collaborative Networks, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2007Conflict and Collaboration in Networks, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2007Contested ground in nature protection: current challenges and opportunities in community-based natural resources and protected area management, Steven R Brechin, Grant Murray and Charles Benjamin
2007Environmental governance, resource protest and social justice in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2007Global environmental standards for industry., Matthew Huber with David Angel and Trina Hamilton
2007Introduction to the Special Issue on Collaborative Public Management, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2007Leading Change at NASA: the Case of Dan Goldin, W. Henry Lambright
2007Managing Price and Targets: Why a Hybrid Policy is Better for Australia, Pete Wilcoxen with Warwick J. McKibbin
2007Negotiation and Mediation Techniques for Natural Resource Management: Case Studies and Lessons Learned, Peter Castro and Antonia Engel
2007Relative Prominence of Successional Theorists in Fifty Years of Journal Citations, Jacob Bendix with K.C. Bowman, A.L. Lumsden and J.G. Puckett
2007The Collaborative Manager, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2007The Contracting out Decision: A Study of Contracting for E-Government Services in US State Governments, Stuart Bretschneider with Anna Ya Ni
2007The Effects of Innovation Policies on Private R&D Investment: A Cross-national Empirical Study, David Popp with Yonghong Wu and Stuart Bretschneider
2007The Environmental Frontier of Space, W.H. Lambright
2007The urbanization of an idea: Imagining nature through urban growth boundary policy in Portland, OR, USA., Matthew Huber with Timothy Currie
2007/10Review of B. Kohl and L. Farthing, Impasse in Bolivia: Neoliberal Hegemony and Popular Resistance, Thomas Perreault
2007/07UN Convention to Combat Desertification: Report on the Implications of Results-Based Planning, Programming and Budgeting, Mathiason, John
2007/01Bayesian Herders: Updating of Rainfall Beliefs In Response To External Forecasts, John McPeak with Travis Lybbert, Christopher B. Barrett, and Winnie Luseno
2006A General Model of E-Government Service Adoption: An Empirical Exploration, Stuart Bretschneider with M. Ahn and J.Gant,
2006Agenda Control: Winning Strategies in Problem Definition and the Management of Environmental Conflict, Sarah Pralle
2006Amadeus Grabau in China, 1920-1946., Allan Mazur
2006Big Ideas in Collaborative Public Management, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham
2006Biodiversity Dynamics and Land-use Change in the Amazon: an interdisciplinary project, Jane M. Read with M. Torrado
2006Biosociology of Dominance and Deference,
2006Birds on the Home Front: Wildlife Conservation in the Western United States During the Second World War, Robert Wilson
2006Branching Out, Digging In: Environmental Advocacy and Agenda Setting, Sarah Pralle
2006Collaborative Public Management, Rosemary O’Leary with Lisa Blomgren Bingham and Catherine Gerard
2006Community Geography: Navigating the politics of participation in Syracuse, NY, Jane M. Read with M. Torrado with J. Allen and D. Mitchell
2006Comparison of Climate Policies in the ENTICE-BR Model, David Popp
2006De la guerra del agua a la guerra del gas: gobernanza de recursos, neoliberalismo, y protesta popular en Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2006Energy: Wood and Charcoal, A. Peter Castro with David W. Brokensha
2006ENTICE-BR: The Effects of Backstop Technology R&D on Climate Policy Models, David Popp
2006Foliar Nitrogen Responses to Elevated Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in Nine Temperate Forest Canopy Species, Jane M. Read with B.E. McNeil and C.T. Driscoll
2006Forestry: East Africa, A. Peter Castro
2006GIS and Biogeochemical Models for Examining the Legacy of Forest Disturbance in the Adirondack Park, NY, USA, Jane Read, Brenden E. McNeil, Richard E. Martell
2006Global Environmentalism: A Challenge to the Postmaterialism Thesis?, Steven Brechin with W. Kempton
2006Henry Gleason Meets Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: the Importance of Species in Detecting Foliar Nitrogen Response to Nitrogen Deposition, Jane M. Read with B.E. McNeil and C.T. Driscoll
2006Innovation in Climate Policy Models: Implementing Lessons from the Economics of R&D, David Popp
2006I’m Changing the Climate, Ask Me How!: The Politics of the Anti-SUV Campaign, Sarah Pralle
2006Knowledge Sharing Networks for Building E-Government Capabilities: Case of Two Local Governments Delivering Online Parking Services., Jon Gant
2006Landscapes of Promise and Betrayal: Homesteading and Japanese Internment in the Far West, Robert Wilson
2006Livestock Market Organization and Price Distributions in Northern Kenya., John McPeak with Alan M. Green, Christopher B. Barrett, and Winnie K. Luseno
2006Livestock Marketing in Marsabit District, Kenya, Over the Past Fifty Years., John McPeak
2006Managing Natural Resource Conflicts in the Gambia and Namibia: Case Studies from FAO’s African Capacity Building Programme on Natural Resources Conflict Management., A. Peter Castro with Antonia Engel
2006Mitigation From a Cross-sectoral Perspective, David Popp
2006Nature's Body: Rachel Carson and Hybrid Geographies, Robert Wilson
2006Nuclear Power, Chemical Hazards, and Quantity of Reporting, Allan Mazur
2006Pastoral Livestock Marketing in Eastern Africa: Research and Policy Challenges, John McPeak and Peter D. Little
2006Policy Implications and Future Research Directions, John McPeak with Peter D. Little and Montague W. Demment
2006Poverty Traps and Safety Nets, John McPeak with Christopher B. Barrett
2006Processes Dominating Macro-fabric Generation in Periglacial Colluvium, Susan Millar
2006Reestructuración del estado y las políticas de escala de la gestión de agua rural en Bolivia., Thomas Perreault
2006Reinventing a Square Wheel: A Critique of a Resurgent ‘Protection Paradigm’ in International Biodiversity Conservation, Steven Brechin with P. Wilshusen, C. Fortwangler, and P.C. West
2006Review of: G. Borrini-Feyerabend et al., Sharing Power: Learning-by-Doing in Co-Management of Natural Resources Throughout the World, IIED and IUCN/CESSP, Cenesta, Tehran, , Steven Brechin
2006Satellite Remote Sensing for Management and Monitoring of Certified Forestry: An Example from the Brazilian Amazon, Jane M. Read
2006Space Technology and Environmental Policy Management, W. Henry Lambright with Anna Ya Ni
2006Testosterone, Allan Mazur
2006Testosterone and Social Behavior, Allan Mazur
2006Testosterone Supplementation in the Aging Male: Which Questions Have to be Answered?, Allan Mazur
2006The Changing Landscape of Hunger in Syracuse, NY: Intervening in a permanent crisis, Jane M. Read with D. Mitchell and J. Allen
2006The Mouse that Roared: Agenda-Setting in Canadian Pesticides Politics, Sarah Pralle
2006The Space Station and Multi-National Collaboration: A Merger of Domestic and Foreign Policy, W. Henry Lambright with Carla Pizzarella
2006The Transition to Endogenous Technical Change in Climate-Economy Models: A Technical Overview to the Innovation Modeling Comparison Project, David Popp with Jonathan Köhler, Michael Grubb, and Ottmar Edenhofer
2006Welfare Dynamics in Rural Kenya and Madagascar, John McPeak
2006What Can Be Done About Food Insecurity and Poverty? Some Views from South Wello and Oromiya Zones.”, A. Peter Castro
2006/11A Bird’s Eye View of North America: Avian Migration Studies and Waterfowl Management, 1920-1960, Rober Wilson
2006/10A way out, Stuart Thorson
2006/10Governing Energy Innovation: The Case of New York State, W Henry Lambright, Sarah Pralle and Jessica Widay
2006/10Review of: J. Peter Brosius et al. Communities and Conservation: Histories and Politics of Community-Based Natural Resource Management, Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, Steven Brechin
2006/09 Timing and Sequence in Agenda Setting and Policy Change: A comparative study of lawn care pesticide politics in Canada and the US, Sarah Pralle
2006/09NASA and the Environment: Science in a Political Context, W. Henry Lambright
2006/08R&D Subsidies and Climate Policy: Is there a 'Free Lunch'?, David Popp
2006/07Campesino mobilization and the cultural politics of water governance in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2006/03The Natural Scale?, Rober Wilson
2006/02Moving in Place: Drought and Poverty Dynamics in South Wollo, Ethiopia, Peter Castro
2006/01From the Guerra Del Agua to the Guerra Del Gas: Resource Governance, Neoliberalism and Popular Protest in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2006/01The Dynamics of Coupled Human and Natural Systems, John McPeak
2005Are Household Production Decisions Cooperative? Evidence on Pastoral Migration and Milk Sales from Northern Kenya., John McPeak with Cheryl R. Doss
2005Confronting the Risk of Asset Loss: What role do livestock transfers in northern Kenya play?, John McPeak
2005Cursed If You Do, Cursed If You Don’t: the contradictory processes of pastoral sedentarization in Northern Kenya., John McPeak with Peter D. Little
2005Developing Local Capacity for Management of Natural Resource Conflicts in Africa: A Review of Key Issues, Approaches, and Outcomes, A.H. Peter Castro
2005Geographies of neoliberalism in Latin America, Thomas Perreault with Patricia Martin
2005Individual and Collective Rationality in Pastoral Production: Evidence from Northern Kenya., John McPeak
2005Institutions and Intellectual Property: The Influence of Institutional Forces on University Patenting, David Popp with Yixin Dai and Stuart Bretschneider
2005Linkages Between Community, Environmental, and Conflict Management: Experiences from Northern Kenya., John McPeak with Guyo Haro and Godana Doyo
2005Policy, Technology and Management Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Transformation., John McPeak
2005Review of Somalia: Economy Without State by Peter D. Little, A.H. Peter Castro
2005Simulation Noise and the Estimation of Land Use Decisions in Kenya, John McPeak
2005State Restructuring and the Scale Politics of Rural Water in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2005Time In Purgatory: Determinants of the Grant Lag for U.S. Patent Applications, David Popp
2005/12The Ethics of Dissent: Managing Guerrilla Government, Rosemary O'Leary
2005/12Why Chacras (Swidden Gardens) Persist: Agrobiodiversity, Food Security and Cultural Identity in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Thomas Perreault
2005/10Educational Investments in a Dual Economy, John McPeak with Andrew Mude, Christopher B. Barrett and Cheryl Doss
2005/10Fabric Variability Associated with Periglacial Mass-Wasting at Eagle Summit, Alaska, S.W.S. Millar
2005/10Why Does State Government Contract Out Their E-Government Services?, Anna Ya Ni and Stuart Bretschneider
2005/09Risk Perception and News Coverage Across Nations, Allan Mazur
2005/09Uncertain R&D and the Porter Hypothesis, David Popp
2005/08Lessons From Patents: Using Patents To Measure Technological Change in Environmental Models, David Popp
2005/06Constrained Fuzzy Logic Approximation for Indoor Comfort and Energy Optimization, S. Ari, I.A. Cosden, E.H. Khalifa, J., Dannenhoffer, C. Isik and P.J. Wilcoxen
2005/06They Don't Invent Them Like They Used To: An Examination of Energy Patent Citations Over Time, David Popp
2005/05NASA and the Environment: The Case of Ozone Depletion, W. Henry Lambright
2005/02State Restructuring and the Scale Politics of Rural Water Governance in Bolivia, Thomas Perreault
2005/01Institutional Arrangements for Rural Poverty Reduction and Resource Conservation, Christopher B. Barrett, David R. Lee and John G. McPeak
2005/01Linkages Between Community, Environmental and Conflict Management: Experiences from Northern Kenya, Guyo Haro, Godana Doyo and John McPeak
2004Economic Modelling of Global Climate Change, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2004Identification of Mapped Ice-Margin Positions in Western New York from Digital Terrain Analysis and Soil Databases, S.W.S. Millar
2004Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert Wilson
2004True Warnings and False Alarms: Evaluating Fears about the Health Risks of Technology, 1948-1971, Allan Mazur
2004/10Local Government Information Technology Capacity: An Exploratory Theory, Hyun Joon Kim and Stuart Bretschneider
2004/10R&D Subsidies and Climate Policy: Is There A 'Free Lunch'?, David Popp
2004/07International Innovation and Diffusion of Air Pollution Control Technologies: The Effects of NOx and SO2 Regulation in the US, Japan and Germany, David Popp
2004/04The Political Context of Technology Transfer: NASA and the International Space Station, W. Henry Lambright and Agnes Gereben Schaefer
2004/03Estimates of the Costs of Kyoto-Marrakesh versus the McKibbin-Wilcoxen Blueprint, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2004/01Environmental Governance Reconsidered: Challenges, Choices and Opportunities, Edited by Robert F. Durant, Daniel J. Fiorino and Rosemary O'Leary
2004/01Estimating Soil Carbon Fluxes Following Land-Cover Change: A Test of Some Critical Assumptions for a Region in Costa Rica, Jennifer S. Powers, Jane M. Read, Julie S. Denslow, Sandra M. Guzman
2004/01Public Support for both the Environment and an Anti-Environmental President: Possible Explanations for the George W. Bush Anomaly, Steven R. Brechin and D. Freeman
2003Influence of Clast Axial Ratio on Macrofabric Strength in Periglacial Colluvium, S.W.S. Millar and F.E. Nelson
2003/11Analyzing and Addressing Localized Degradation in the Commons, John McPeak
2003/10Comparative Public Opinion and Knowledge on Global Climatic Change and the Kyoto Protocol: The U.S. versus the World?, Steven R. Brechin
2003/10Pollution Control Innovations and the Clean Air Act of 1990, David Popp
2003/09Assessing the Value of Climate Forecast Information for Pastoralists: Evidence from Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya, Winnie K. Luseno, John G. McPeak, Christopher B. Barrett, Peter D. Little and Getachew Gebru
2003/09Venue Shopping, Political Strategy and Policy Change: The Internationalization of Canadian Forest Advocacy, Sarah B. Pralle
2003/08Contested Nature: Promoting International Biodiversity with Social Justice in the Twenty-first Century, Edited by Steven R. Brechin, Peter R. Wilshusen, Crystal L. Fortwangler and Patrick C. West
2003/07Social Capital, Development and Indigenous Politics in Ecuadorian Amazonia, Thomas Perreault
2003/07The Challenge of Coordinating 'Big Science', W. Henry Lambright
2003/06The Effects of a Proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2003/03Spatial Analyses of Logging Impacts in Amazonia Using Remotely Sensed Data., Jane M. Read
2003/01Application of Merged 1-m and 4-m Resolution Satellite Data to Research and Mangement in Tropical Forests, Jane M. Read, David B. Clark, Eduardo M. Venticinque and Marcelo P. Moreira
2003/01Changing Places: Transnational Networks, Ethnic Politics and Community Development in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Thomas Perreault
2003/01Making Space: Community Organization, Agrarian Change, and the Politics of Scale in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Thomas Perreault
2003/01Natural Resource Conflict Management Case Studies: An Analysis of Power, Participation and Protected Areas, A. H. Peter Castro and Erik Nielsen, editors
2002/12Climate Change Policy after Kyoto: Blueprint for a Realistic Approach, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2002/12Public Managers, Attorneys and Alternative Dispute Resolution of Environmental and Natural Resources Conflicts: Results and Implications of a National Survey, Rosemary O'Leary and Maja Husar
2002/09Social Capital, Assets and Responses to Drought: Preliminary Observations from Interviews, South Wello and Oromiya Zones, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, A. Peter Castro
2002/04Directing the Flow: Migratory Waterfowl, Scale and Mobility in Western North America, Robert M. Wilson
2002/04Does the Perception of Red Tape Constrain IT Innovativeness in Organizations? Unexpected Results from a Simultaneous Equation Model and Implications, M. Jae Moon and Stuart Bretschneider
2002/04The Role of Economics in Climate Change Policy, Warwick J. McKibbin and Peter J. Wilcoxen
2002/01Beyond the Square Wheel: Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of Biodiversity Conservation as Social and Political Process, Steven R. Brechin, Peter Wilshusen, Crystal Fortwangler and Patrick West
2002/01Pre-European Fire in California Chaparral, Jacob Bendix
2001Clast fabric in relict periglacial colluvium, Salamanca Re-entrant, Southwestern New York, S.W.S. Millar and F.E. Nelson
2001Sampling-surface orientation and clast macrofabric in periglacial colluvium, S.W.S. Millar and F.E. Nelson
2001/08Indigenous People and Co-Management: Implications for Conflict Management, A. H. Peter Castro and Erik Nielsen
2001/01Incorporating Population Dynamics Into Community Forestry: Results and Lessons from Five Case Studies, A. Peter Castro, editor
2000/12Hydrological and Geomorphological Impacts on Riparian Plant Communities, Jacob Bendix and Cliff R. Hupp
2000/09Climate Impacts of Cool Season Hydrological Changes in Upstate New York, Susan Millar
2000/07Voluntary Behavior by Electric Utilities: Levels of Adoption and Contribution of the Climate Challenge Program to the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide, Eric Welch, Allan Mazur and Stuart Bretschneider
2000/04Catalyzing Research Competitiveness: The Georgia Research Alliance, W. Henry Lambright
2000/01Food Security and Resource Access: A Final Report on the Community Assessments in South Wello and Oromiya Zones of Amhara Region, Ethiopia, Yared Amare, Yigremew Adal, Degafa Tolossa, A. H. Peter Castro and Peter D. Little
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