Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Technology and Public Management Information Systems: Where we have been and where we are going.

Author:Stuart Bretschneider with I. Mergel
Date: 2010
Publication:Menzel, D. C. and White, H. J. eds., The State of Public administration: Issues, Problems, and Challenges (forthcoming)

The trends and practices of public administration are ever changing and it is essential that they be appraised from time to time. Designed as a capstone survey of the field, The State of Public Administration focuses on leading edge issues, challenges, and opportunities that confront PA study and practice in the 21st Century.

Each chapter is written by a recognized expert and addresses the following questions:

--What are the field's emerging issues, problems, challenges, trends, and opportunities?

--What are the underlying factors influencing new or emerging trends?

--What issues are unresolved? Why?

--What do we know--or not know--about the subject?

--How can we find out more? What research is needed?

Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
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