Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Agenda Setting and Climate Change

Author:Sarah Pralle
Date: 2009
Publication:Environmental Politics 18 (September): 781- 799.

An agenda-setting perspective can help us understand current climate policy politics by identifying factors that will help the climate change issue rise and stay high on public and governmental agendas. Keeping climate change at the forefront of government decision agendas will be critical in the coming years because climate change is a long-term problem and governments are unlikely to 'solve' the climate crisis with one policy enacted at one point in time. Kingdon's multiple streams model of agenda-setting is used here to explore strategies for keeping the issue of climate change on agendas and moving it up the list of policy priorities. Keywords: climate change; climate policy; agenda-setting


Sarah Pralle
Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
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