Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Developing Local Capacity for Management of Natural Resource Conflicts in Africa: A Review of Key Issues, Approaches, and Outcomes

Author:A.H. Peter Castro
Date: 2005
Publication:Report prepared for the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management-Collaborative Research Support Program, University of Georgia, Athens, April.

This research paper critically evaluates the key issues and approaches in community-based natural resource conflict management. This assessment is done in light of USAID's recent framework "Nature, Wealth, and Power" (NWP). The purpose of the framework is to provide a clearer understanding of challenges and options regarding natural resource conflicts and attempts to manage or resolve them. Land and natural resources are vital to livelihoods and identities of people in Africa. Therefore conflicts over their access and use necessitate special attention from those concerned with its development.


A.H. Peter Castro
Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
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