Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Are Household Production Decisions Cooperative? Evidence on Pastoral Migration and Milk Sales from Northern Kenya.

Author:John McPeak with Cheryl R. Doss
Date: 2005
Publication:American Journal of Agricultural Economics. (forthcoming in August issue)

Market-based development efforts frequently create opportunities to generate income from goods previously produced and consumed within the household. Production within the household is often characterized by a gender and age division of labor. Market development efforts to improve well-being may lead to unanticipated outcomes if household production decisions are noncooperative. We develop and test models of household decision making to investigate intrahousehold decision making in a nomadic pastoral setting from Kenya. Our results suggest that household decisions are contested, with husbands using migration decisions to resist wives' ability to market milk.


John McPeak
Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
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