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Livestock Market Organization and Price Distributions in Northern Kenya.

Author:John McPeak with Alan M. Green, Christopher B. Barrett, and Winnie K. Luseno
Date: 2006
Publication:Pastoral Livestock Marketing in Eastern Africa: Research and Policy Challenges. John G. McPeak and Peter D. Little. Editors. ITDG Publishing. (forthcoming - anticipated in April 2006)

An in-depth, evidence-based investigation of livestock marketing in Eastern Africa which approaches the issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, economics, geography, and rangeland ecology.

Editors John G. McPeak and Peter D. Little present current fi ndings on how livestock markets in this area operate, describe policy options that help markets function more effectively, and identify topics meriting further research. The issues are examined at a variety of levels (household, market, national, and international), and many of the authors place emphasis on cross-border trade: an area not currently well understood but of substantial economic importance.


John McPeak
Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
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