Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Institutional Arrangements for Rural Poverty Reduction and Resource Conservation

Author:Christopher B. Barrett, David R. Lee and John G. McPeak
Date: January 2005
Publication:World Development, 33(2), pp. 193-197

This paper introduces a special issue featuring a set of papers on institutional arrangements for reconciling rural poverty reduction with renewable natural resources conservation in the low-income tropics. Collectively, these papers make four core points. First, synergies do not naturally emerge just because rural poverty reduction and renewable natural resources conservation are each appealing goals with common drivers and some intrinsic interlinkage. Second, it matters less which rules a community or country adopts than how well they monitor and enforce the rules they set. Third, flexibility and adaptability in design are critical to establishing cooperative partnerships that can advance both conservation and development goals. Fourth, multiscalar approaches are commonly desirable.


John McPeak
Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
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