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Contested Nature: Promoting International Biodiversity with Social Justice in the Twenty-first Century

Author:Edited by Steven R. Brechin, Peter R. Wilshusen, Crystal L. Fortwangler and Patrick C. West
Date: August 2003
Publication:SUNY Press, Albany, NY

Table of Contents

  1. CONTESTED NATURE: Conservation and Development at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century
  2. THE WINDING ROAD: Incorporating Social Justice and Human Rights into Protected Area Policies by Crystal L. Fortwangler
  3. EXPLORING THE POLITICAL CONTOURS OF CONSERVATION: A Conceptual View of Power in Practice by Peter R. Wilshusen
  4. WANDERING BOUNDARIES AND ILLEGAL RESIDENTS: The Political Ecology of Protected Area Deforestation in South Sumatra Indonesia from 1979 to 1992 by Steven R. Brechin
  5. TERRITORY, NATURE AND CULTURE: Negotiating the Boundaries of Biodiversity Conservation in Colombia's Pacific Coastal Region by Peter R. Wilshusen
  6. UNMASKING THE "LOCAL": Gender, Community and the Politics of Community-Based rural Ecotourism in Belize by Jill M. Belsky
  7. THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF ECOTOURISM: Pendjari National Park and Ecotourism Concentration in Northern Benin by Patrick C. West, Crystal L. Fortwangler, Valentin Agbo, Michael Simsik and Nestor Sokpon
  9. THE POLITICAL ECOLOGY OF BIOPROSPECTING IN AMAZONIAN ECUADOR: History, Political Economy and Knowledge by Michael K. Dorsey
  10. CRAFTING CONSERVATION GLOBALLY AND LOCALLY: Complex Organizations and Governance Regimes by Steven R. Brechin, Peter R. Wilshusen and Charles E. Benjamin
  11. THE REGIONAL APPROACH IN NORTHERN MADAGASCAR: Moving Beyond Integrated Conservation and Development by Lisa L. Gezon
  12. SCALING UP FROM THE GRASSROOTS NGO: Networks and the Challenges of Organizational Maintenance in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula by Peter R. Wilshusen and Raul E. Murguia
  13. YOUR PARK, MY POVERTY: Using Impact Assessment to Counter the Displacement Effects of Environmental Greenlining by Charles Geisler
  14. THE CHALLENGES AND REWARDS OF COMMUNITY-BASED COASTAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: San Salvador Island, Philippines by Patrick Christie, Delma Buhat, Len R. Garces and Alan T. White
  15. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED: Toward Nature Protection with Social Justice
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