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Jacob Bendix

Associate Professor, Geography

Contact Information

Office:144 Eggers
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Brief Biography

Jacob Bendix is associate professor of geography, director of graduate studies in geography, and an adjunct associate professor of earth sciences. He researches the effects of disturbance (fire and flood) on plant species patterns and biodiversity, primarily in the western U.S. His recent projects have included an analysis of the ecological impacts of Native American fire use on California vegetation and a study of the impact of flood characteristics on the distribution of species diversity in valley bottoms. Bendix has a particular interest in the ways in which human activities may alter natural processes (e.g. through wildfire control policies). He has also conducted research on how news media cover environmental issues: as an environmental scientist he is interested in how the scientific aspects of these issues are presented and as a citizen he is concerned with their impact on policy formulation. Bendix earned his Ph.D. in geography from the University of Georgia in 1992.

Environmental Research Areas

  • Forests
  • Geomorphology
  • Human Impacts on Vegetation and Landforms
  • Media Coverage of Environmental Issues
  • Plant Biogeography
  • Water

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