Center for Environmental Policy and Administration

Indoor Air Quality Regulations and Productivity

This project will provide statistical evidence on the magnitude of three labor productivity costs associated with poor indoor air quality: (1) increases in particular types of morbidity and mortality; (2) reductions in individual productivity, as measured by employee wages; and (3) increases in labor force turnover. It will do so by examining the effects of state and local regulations of one particular indoor air pollutant: environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). The study will focus on ETS for several reasons: it is the IAQ problem best understood by the general public; it has consequences for both health and productivity (USEPA, 1994); and it has been the subject of a wide range of state and local regulations. However, the cost estimates obtained would be representative of those for other pollutants with similar health impacts and unpleasantness.


Peter J Wilcoxen
Center for Environmental Policy and Administration
The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
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